Marketing Scheme

Our Markteting Scheme

Our Vision

This would be an important task to be undertaken by the Emissary Based on the list of products to be marketed, a distribution system would be worked out for supplying these medicines to the Shri Aushadhi Nirog Kendra. Prices of these medicines would be fixed taking into account the cost of manufacturing, reasonable margin to cover other expenses like transportation, profit, retail expenses, etc. The endeavor would be to keep the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of the Ayurvedic medicines substantially lower than the MRP of other equivalent medicines in the market.

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How You Can Be A Part Of It ?

Accordingly, Expression of the interests have been invited from well-reputed charitable bodies, consumer bodies, NGOs, Hospitals, etc. to run the Shri Aushadhi Nirog Kendra as well as for augmenting the supplies of Ayurvedic medicines, subject to fulfillment of certain parameters. There has been an encouraging response and the lists are being finalized by the State/Regional Director of Shri Aushadhi Nirog Kendra.

Key Objective Of Our Campaign


Make quality the hallmark of medicine availability in the country, by ensuring, access to quality medicines through the supplies and through GMP Compliant manufacturers in the private sector. Despite constraints of budget in the Central and State governments, extend coverage of quality Ayurvedic medicines which would reduce and thereby redefine the unit cost of treatment per person.


Develop a model which can be replicated in India, medicines at affordable prices for all. Not be just restricted to the Public Health System but be adopted with zeal and conviction by the Private Sector and thereby spread its coverage to every village of the country. The Shri Aushadhi campaign is open for all. Since Ayurvedic equivalents are available for all. It will be as much available to the disadvantaged sections of the society as much to the advantaged richer population segment of the country.


Create awareness through education and publicity so that quality is not synonymous with high price but less is more that is to say that, with a lesser price, more medicines would be available, more patients would be treated and more people will lead a healthier life.


Be a public program involving State governments, the Central government, Public Sector enterprises, private Sector, NGOs, Cooperative bodies and other institutions.


Create a demand for Ayurvedic medicines By All for All by improving access to better healthcare through low treatment costs and easy availability wherever needed in All therapeutic categories.

Benefit Of Shri Aushadhi Campaign

The Shri Aushadhi initiative will make available quality drugs at affordable prices through dedicated Nirog Kendra selling Ayurvedic medicines which are available at lesser prices but are equivalent in quality and efficacy as expensive branded drugs.

Aim Of Our Campaign

Promote greater awareness about cost effective drugs and their prescription. Make available unbranded quality Ayurvedic medicines at affordable prices through public-Private Partnership Encourage People, more specifically over-aged to use Ayurvedic medicines.

Enable substantial savings in health care more particularly in the case of poor patients and those suffering from chronic ailments requiring long periods of drug use.

Process Step1
Process Step2

Role of State Divisional Officer

A Core committee has been set up to coordinate the implementation of progress with State Governments, Private sector. The Committee will:

Create consumer awareness through multimedia publicity. Prepare a comprehensive scheme after the success of the pilot project, for all districts of the country with a specific focus on the poor and disadvantaged sections of the society. Part expenditure would be met by Central Government/CPSUs in such a way that the three partners i.e. Central Government, State Government and the Private sector contribute towards the scheme either financially or in case of private sector by supplying medicines at no-profit or nominal profit basis.

Periodically review and evaluate the implementation of the scheme and carry out suitable correction to further improve it bases on the experience gained.

Role of NGOs/Charitable/Co-operative/Government Bodies

Apart from State Governments, The Shri Aushadhi Nirog Kendra may also be run b y NGOs/Charitable/Cooperative/Government bodies, Red Cross, etc and hence their role is important. Recurring expenses on maintenance and running of the Nirog Kendra outside the government hospitals may have to be incurred by such bodies. For this purpose, reasonable margins are built up in the MRP of Shri Aushadhi Medicines.

Enable substantial savings in health care more particularly in the case of poor patients and those suffering from chronic ailments requiring long periods of drug use.

Role of NGOs/Charitable/Co-operative/Government Bodies
Assessing Quality and Efficiency of the Shri Aushadhi medicines

Assessing Quality and Efficiency of the Shri Aushadhi medicines

A Scientific study will be undertaken on a scientific basis for this purpose. A national level body such as AIIMS or NIPER would undertake such a study and publish their findings.

The Future

Finally, The Shri Aushadhi Campaign would be a self sustaining business model. It would be run in a Campaign Mission Mode on the principle of Not for Profits but with Minimal Profits. It would redefine the principles of Ayurvedic Medicines and retail trade by Nirog Kendra. It would establish and emphasize the efficacy and potency of Ayurvedic medicines such that quality medicines will be affordable by all for a better quality of life.

The Future

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